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FIND YOUR TRUZ TRUZ LAWOO Acrylic Gel Pen is a black 0.5mm gel pen with a #Sweet and #BraveLion TRUZ character LAWOO at the top. The red base color of the pen matches with its character, and definitely grabs attention!

With TRUZ, our everyday lives shine bright with twelve colors! 12 members of TRUZ, waking up in a lab! They don’t remember where they are and where they came from. The only thing they know is that each of them has a special ability. Their precious adventure of finding their true selves begins now!

Created in collaboration with TREASURE, a boy band loved by fans worldwide, TRUZ is a nurturing-game based character IP that grows by taking on special quests. Since its first release in 2020, TRUZ is expanding its own view of the world through various contents beyond limits.

Roar! LAWOO is a courageous lion. Only LAWOO knows what kind of precious gems there are hiding in its mane. *created by Yoon Jaehyuk.




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