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Han Xue Le-Full set:

In the first series of "Han Xue Le", you can not only learn 1134 new characters, 1022 words, 32 pairs of antonyms, 64 measure words, 264 idioms, 100 written Chinese characters, 30 standard sentence patterns, and also read Skill training includes 9 nursery rhymes, 8 ancient poems, and 10 short essays. Not only completed the 25,000 word literacy training, but also achieved 86.05% reading coverage of Chinese in terms of ability. At the same time, you also mastered a lot of language knowledge.

In the second edition of "Han Xue Le", it contains 304 idioms, 1302 words, 60 measure words, 16 allusions of idioms, 2 tongue twisters, 2 ancient poems, 4 proverbs, 4 proverbs, 2 fables, and 1 fairy tale. , Classic reading excerpts include "San Zi Jing", "Di Zi Gui", "Bai Jia Xing", "Li Weng Duiyun", "The Analects of Confucius", and the "Lian Mian Words" that are usually less popular. Although these words are uncommon, But if we can’t master it, it’s a pity. The important thing is that the learning method in "Sinxueyue" is simple, easy to remember, and mastered while playing. The most difficult points are transformed into the easiest content. The whole book contains 72 commonly used continuous words. , In addition, there are also "ontophonetic words" that appear most frequently in children's reading, which are also written in catchy verses.

The complete set of "Han Xue Le" textbooks includes 2,634 commonly used Chinese characters. If you master these characters, you can reach 97.85% of the reading coverage rate. A set of textbooks allows you to easily read Chinese. "Sinxuele" will allow all aspiring to learn Chinese all over the world. People benefit from "Han Xue Le" will add value to children’s lives.

汉学乐 – 全套:




《汉学乐》全套升级款- Han Xue Le Full Set (New 2021) Includes :

《汉学乐》6册 - 《Han Xue Le》 6 books 点读笔 - Electronic Reading Pen 线上学习 - Online Chinese Learning 汉字拼拼乐整套 - Chinese Words Learning LEGO Set 磁力贴 - Magnetic Chinese Learning Cards 闪卡156 - Chinese Learning Cards 156 绘本识字156 《我和我的家人》 - Story Book 156 韵文识字156 - Chinese Book 156

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