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About Brand - SNOW²⁺

The first magnesium microcarrier needle patch in the world.

SNOW²⁺ is a skin solution using magnesium from the research team who have been working on commercializing the world's first bio-absorbed magnesium implant.

What it is - Intensive Multi Care Patch & Mask Set

Snow²⁺'s trouble line has magnesium microneedle patches containing magnesium and its byproduct of hydrogen, both of which are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and slow down the process of aging. By placing the micro patches below your eye area, you will be able to see that it helps with minimizing dark circle over time. In addition to that, this set comes with a facial mask that includes 25g of concentrated essence to hydrate and moisturize.


  • ✔️ No infection risk
  • ✔️ Painless
  • ✔️ Ionization
  • ✔️ Improve skin barrier
  • ✔️ Cell activation
  • ✔️ Anti Oxidant/Aging

How to Use:

  • Wash your face clean and tidy up
  • Remove the protective film taking care not to reach the microcarrier in the center of the patch
  • Press and hold the patch where it needs to be
  • Remove mask from pouch and adhere to attached patch and skin
  • Press the mask covering the patch several times to feel the irritation
  • Leave for 20 mins and remove mask
  • Massage the remaining fluid gently to absorb, and keep the patch for 2 to 8 hours
  • Remove the patch and gently massage the area
  • Protect the area of trouble by attaching the enclosed hydrocolloid band as necessary

Key Ingredients:

  • Niacinamide - Whitening, skin barrier
  • Centella Asiatica - Skin regeneration, elasticity, improvement
  • Adenosine - Stimulate collagen, anti-wrinkle
  • Aloe vera - skin soothing, moisturising
  • Glycerine - Hydration, Protection

Each box comes with:

  • 2 x Pairs of Micro Needle Patches
  • 2 x Facial Mask

image image image

Close up of the micro-needle. The needles are very micro to not irritate skin barrier yet enough to do its miracle.

image image image image

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